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in my element.  wcdb albany, master control. albany, ny, early-mid 1990s.

Both Sides Of The Surface: an online archive of life commentaries and music reviews written between 1999-2005. also the home base for the Radio BSOTS podcast (founded august 2005) and its blog predecessor, welcome to camp lo-fi... lo-res on the eye, hi-res on the mind since january of 2002. More information can be found on the About page as well as the Anatomy Of A Podcast blog post for a deeper history.


06.08.23 - Show #178 marks a return to the podcast feed with a renewed focus on Creative Commons licensed music and the joys of virtual crate digging. The featured tracks in this show represent a mix of tunes from prior BSOTS episodes alongside selections receiving their first spins, cutting across genre and released between 2009 and 2023. Artists include Public Enemy, Nikki Giovanni, Kidkanevil, Wals, Niki J Crawford, Isak Gaines, and Yoko Absorbing with guest appearances from Brother Ali and Oddisee. This episode is NOT WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

12.21.22 - Show #177 finds Macedonia revisiting his own commentary from 20 years ago, written shortly after the murder of Jam Master Jay. Features hip-hop cuts from the Creative Commons universe including guest verses from Chuck D of Public Enemy and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels. Artists include The Impossebulls, Tha Silent Partner, Just Plain Ant, Mute Speaker, Yashiyah, and more. This episode is NOT WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

08.31.22 - Show #176 presents a late summer survey of a pandemic-struck world served up BUCKWILD style with plenty of beats, bass, rhymes, rants, and revisiting a 17 year-old blog entry. Features music from DJ Spooky, A.Moss, Phresoul, Talons', Rabbi Darkside, Rashad thaPoet, and more. This episode is NOT WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

05.15.21 - Show #175 finds Macedonia reminiscing on earlier and simpler times concerning music in podcasting and plays some Creative Commons tunes to keep the RIAA at bay. Artists include Mega Ran, Amerigo Gazaway, Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, Mos Emvy, Tab, and more. This episode is NOT WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

11.29.20 - Show #174 concludes the Tranquil Beats series with an hour's worth of instrumental and downtempo gems. Featured artists include Machinedrum, Will Sessions, DJ Harrison, KRTS, Julien Dyne, and much more. This episode is 100% WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

10.26.20 - Show #173 finds Macedonia reflecting on The Summer That Wasn't, quarantine restrictions, racial injustice, and the choice between reflecting the times versus prioritizing joy as a Black creator. Featuring music from Amerigo Gazaway, Rah Digga, KRTS, Zengineers, C-Doc, Mikal Amin, Sir Tumes, and more. This episode is NOT WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

09.05.20 - Show #172 continues the chilled out series of mixes with another batch of brain-massaging tunes for the mentally weary, featuring music from Jon Hopkins, Funki Porcini, Lovespirals, Ohbliv, Lee Rosevere, Affelaye, The Jet Age Of Tomorrow, and more. This episode is 100% WORKSAFE. download ||| show notes

hi there.  macedonia here.  thanks for coming.

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